How You Can Study In Canada From The Philippines

As of 2020, Canada has an incredible amount of international students in the country. Ranking third in the world after the US and Australia.

Canada is known globally for its integrity in academics and the quality of education they offer. They also give out scholarships to international students all over the world ranging from Africa, Asia, and other continents.

It is important to know how you can study in Canada from the Philippines before going into the process of application.

In this article, you would know the steps you need to follow to study in Canada from the Philippines.

What you need to know

The growth of students applying for student permits in Canada from the Philippines is on the rise daily in 2019 over 6,365 students apply to study in Canada from the Philippines.

An advantage Filipinos have in applying for college degrees in Canada is their ability to speak good English compared to other Asia countries like China and India as they have higher chances of getting admission into Canada.

Other advantages are, having access to study in one of the best colleges in the world, the access to work as a Peruvian citizen in Canada, permanent stay in Canada.

What is a student permit in Canada

The student visa given by the Canadian government is called a student permit. It allows international students from the Philippines to study at approved learning institutions in Canada.

All International students are required to apply for a student permit before they can travel to Canada.

Requirements needed for a student permit

There are requirements needed to get a student permit in Canada and they are:

  • A valid passport
  • Approval by a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)
  • Proof of medical health
  • Statement of bank account
  • Test of English language ability
  • Passport-sized photograph
  • Credit card
  • Statement of purpose

Valid passport

You are to have a valid passport for the application of a student permit. The period you intend to reside in Canada should be made visible in your passport.

Approval of a Designated Learning Institution

An acceptance later ought to be given by the institution you intend to apply to, as it is one of the procedures to obtain a student permit.

Proof of medical health

The health of an international student is important in applying for a student permit. Immigration officials require a medical examination before coming into the country.

Statement of bank account

Canadian immigration ensures that foreign students who intend to study in Canada can prove they are capable of paying their tuition fees and other basic needs during their stay.

Test of English language ability

You need to undergo an English language test as it is part of the process of getting a student permit. You would need to submit your score before your admission can be guaranteed.

Passport-sized photographs

It is required by Canadian Immigration that you present two passport-sized photographs. A neutral facial expression is important when taking your photograph with a plain background.

Credit card

Most of the applications are done online and a credit card is needed for the online transaction. Note that credit cards only are accepted as debit cards are not accepted.

Statement of purpose

On processing your admission it is required that the reason for your travel and why you want to study in your desired institutions is seen in your statement of purpose.


It is important to note the requirements needed to study in Canada from the Philippines to avoid making mistakes that might lead to the termination of your student visa.

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